Our workforce is an efficient team of seasoned professionals, capable of delivering the required services and exceeding expectations.

Integrated Customer support services

Customer support is the cornerstone of any organization and we make sure that the best personal care is provided to each customer to ensure a memorable experience. We have a wide range of customer support services. An initial discussion with our agent will enable you to select a customized package tailored to your needs.

Banking & Financial services

We understand the criticality of cost and time involved in Banking operations and therefore we offer efficient support services for Banks & other Financial institutions.The following is a snapshot of our versatile services.
• Fraud & Risk control services
• Financial misdemeanor buffering
• Debt Collection services
• Resolution of disputes
• Receivables & debt management systems
• Legal assistance
• Payment lifecycle management & tracking
• Mediation & amicable reconciliation

Real Estate services

Our services cover the Real estate industry also. We offer:
• Collection services
• Legal assistance
• Call Centre services
• Telemarketing
• Business process support

Contact & Call Centre

Dedicated customer engagement teams can significantly enable business growth and cut down response time to enquiries, clarifications and complaints. Cost-effectiveness of this approach is time tested and serves to ensure streamlined business operations.

Chat services

We offer high-quality customer interaction models that facilitate live chat services. Our trained agents can take care of your chat service, thereby ensuring standardized customer interaction and effective customer service for your customers. A detailed daily log, as well as regular reporting, gives you complete control over the maintenance of quality.

Remote work outsourcing

Depending on market needs and trends, we have access to a resource pool of expert remote workers, with expertise in different functions. An initial consultation with our agents will help you to understand the range of services and possibilities.

Telecom services

With the advanced developments in telephony, we understand the need for telecom operators to focus on their core business of delivering the latest technological upgrades. While you are busy with these core functionalities, we can take care of your repetitive chores. The following is a brief summary of our capabilities in the Telecom sector:
• Up-selling and Value-add services
• Customer polls & surveys
• Customer acquisition drives
• Collection services
• Payment lifecycle management
• Legal assistance
• Inquiry management systems
• Promotions and new product introduction
• Detailing of products and packages
• Telemarketing initiatives
• Technical support

Automotive services

We offer diverse services for the automotive industry also, which include:
• Customer and location verification
• Collection services
• Skip tracing
• Legal assistance
• Call Centre services
• Business process support

Sales, Marketing & Brand promoters

Our trained and efficient Brand promotion team can take care of Brand promotion, customer acquisition, telesales, and up-selling through dedicated and focused interaction over the telephone. Our Call Centre is geared to handle seasonal or yearlong telesales.

Collection services

We are experts in Collection services. We employ conventional as well as advanced methods to ensure amicable and ethical payment & debt settlements. Our multi-lingual and professional field force is supported at the backend by state-of-the-art systems and customer service representatives, to ensure professional and efficient recovery of bad debts. Be assured of:
• Confidentiality
• High recovery rates
• Skip tracing
• Legal assistance
• Credit assessment
• Payment lifecycle management & tracking
• Asset mapping
• Rescheduling & renegotiating debts & payment
• Customer verification

Back office order management

Order management life cycles are repetitive, and companies often look for options to have this delegated. Our order management team can offer efficient and comprehensive order management services, thereby enabling lean operations for you.